Easter 3 A Fantasies Sermon May 5, 2019

Fire and Brimstone !  Fire and Brimstone !”  cried the Mad Hatter from the edge of the Retreat he had just shared with his Queen of Hearts.  “That’s what they need to hear  ‘Fire and Brimstone !‘ “.

Fire and Brimstone !”  echoed Toad as he stood in the Porches Coachiere of Toad Hall, watching the other animals wending their way along The River to Church.  Toad wasn’t going with them, he always had Important Things to do.  But he liked to make a noise, and he liked to repeat the latest thing he heard, so he did  “Fire and Brimstone !”  he cried again.

No !  No !”  called out Squirrel Nutkin from Hill Top Farm.  “Love.  Love is what people should hear about.  That’s what the Saviour of the World came to tell us.  Love“.  Squirrel Nutkin called to his friends Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, Tom Kitten, Benjamin Bunny and Hunca Munca and said to them  “The Saviour of the World gave us the Looking Glass so we could reflect on what was right and what was wrong.  He gave us The River so we would always have Living Water on our journeys, the Wind at our backs and the Willows to remind us of the Wood of the Cross  (Ugly becomes Beautiful through Him)  and He gave us this Garden in which we can grow all good things.  Love is the answer !”  said Squirrel Nutkin. 

Then Squirrel Nutkin and all his friends sat down to buttered scones and afternoon tea.

And as they looked out of the cottage window and surveyed all they could see in the Garden, they saw that it was Good !

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