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A year ago, March  we were celebrating our Irish Ancestry.

The worship was in the form and manner of the church of Ireland and was a memorial of St. Patrick and a celebration of our Irish heritage. Ruairidh Shalley, blessed us by singing “O Danny Boy and Amazing Grace”.   Ruairidh is the great granddaughter of Ken Sherman.  An interesting display of historical information of the Frizelle family, and their Irish heritage. Samuel Sutton Frizelle was one of the original founders of Christ Church, Oxford Centre. In the early 1830’s his family sailed to Montreal from Wexford County Ireland, and then traveled on to this area. They purchased a farm which is currently owned by the Martin Family.  Mary Alice Frizelle, daughter of Samuel, was also the first organist at Christ Church, Oxford Centre.

Ancestors of Ken Sherman, our eldest parishioner, arrived here from Ireland, in the 1840’s.  Ken, entertained the group with stories of his youth and growing up in a family of ten children.  He told about living in a tar paper shack, and moving it place to place, wherever his Dad could find work.

Several generations of both Irish families have contributed much to Christ Church.

Our Irish Ancestry

A wee bit of history

Ken Sherman

Ruairidh Shalley

An Irish Brunch

Family fun