Fifth Sunday Service

Community Anglican and United Church parishes gathered for a service, honouring the 40th year anniversary of the tornado.

Rev. Derek and Sarah lead a meaningful , uplifting, and reflective outdoor service. Marg and Denise, read a heartfelt witness statement of their family’s experience on the day of Aug 7, 1979.

Chosen hymns, were played on the piano by Melanie . Lyrics were themed around receiving strength from the breath of God, the sailing of the wind, the strength of community love and faith.

Following the service, friends enjoyed looking at the “Tornado Displays”, and sharing each other’s recollections of that day 40 years ago.

A tasty lunch was served by church members.

Special thanks to Alan, Mike and George for moving the piano to the ball diamond. To Melanie for her music. To Clare and Wayne for providing shelter and shade. To Marg for her display and moving statement. To Tracy for leading the the heartfelt prayers for the people. To Geoff for the sound set up. To Pat and Kathy for organizing the food tables. To all those who brought food.

And to God, for letting us know, that sometimes “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind”.